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Character Analyses

I'll get Shu done...umm...at some point.

~Hashiba Touma Shades of Genius~
~Date Seiji Light in the Darkness~
~Mouri Shin Strength of Tenderness~
~Sanada Ryo Tyger, Tyger Burning Bright~
~Shu Rei Fuan~

Wisdom's Sacrifice - My little Touma shrine. Mostly character analyses, but I do have doujinshi scans and images up here as well. While not wholly dedicated to shonen-ai, it does have shonen-ai content, so consider yourself warned.


I am looking for submissions for this section, so feel free to send them in!! I drew everything that's here right now and they aren't very good, but...it's YST related, sooo...be warned.^_^

Ryo's trying to cook dinner...you'll note the "TRY"
Seiji...Shirtless Don't drool on your keyboards!!
Seiji and Touma relaxing SHONEN-AI WARNING!!!
Touma's been talking to Seiji's sisters...
Seiji's revenge - Man, Seiji, you are cruuuuel...


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